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Who We Are

In the Night Designs (formerly Silent Courtier) is a handmade slow fashion design company created by Kriss Litvany.


Originally a custom costuming and festival fashion label, we have recently shifted our main focus to the production of face masks. While we don't currently have any of the fun stuff up on our site, we're still accepting custom apparel and costuming orders, so please contact us directly anytime to discuss details!

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What We Offer

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Custom Designs

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Festival Fashion & Accessories

Our Face Mask Journey

Our face mask journey began back in March of 2020. Like everyone, life shockingly changed for us overnight. Experiencing an almost overwhelming need to contribute somehow, we first began frantically sewing face masks to donate to frontline workers and for people most in need all over America. Purchasing fabric and materials became increasingly difficult as most stores were closed in our area for months, there was a massive global shortage of elastic for ear-loops (of all things) and shipping from most fabric distributers came to a grinding stop. With the help of a couple amazing friends donating what they could and support from the mask making community as a whole, we were somehow able to make things work. Despite working seemingly around the clock, this was the one thing above all else allowing us to emotionally navigate these weird and tragic times. We all needed a light in this particular storm, and that’s exactly what sewing and donating masks was for us. 


Several months into the pandemic, healthcare and essential workers were finally getting the medical grade masks they so desperately needed, so we began transitioning to selling masks to the general public by word of mouth instead. More and more we began noticing pain points people were experiencing with mass-produced face masks – the most common complaints being glasses fogging, the mask sliding off the nose when talking, poor fit and general discomfort. Because of this, we have put much time into refining our pattern to address each of those complaints and think we’ve actually done a pretty good job doing so!


These days, although we are still making masks for donation and selling word of mouth as the need arises, we are primarily selling our masks at several stores in Massachusetts and New York and now here on our website as well. Like everyone we’re looking forward to life getting back to normal, but until then, we hope one of our handmade face masks will at least make your life a little more pleasant!


Stay Healthy & Safe